Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet The Bloggers

Hi.  Is this thing on?  Hellllooooooooooo?  

We’re Shel, Bel & Nel.  Funny but no.  We're Shel, Bel & Nat.

We come together because of our love for the ridiculous written word.  Bonding over our love for books, boys and pie, we came up with this idea to spread our special brand of silliness with the entire world. 

About us:
We love books.
We love boys.
We love pie.
We love boys with pie and breakfast chocolate.  Bel & Nat say boy optional; Shel says boy required.  You draw your own conclusions.
We love movies.
We love movies with hot boys.
We love movies based on books with hot boys.
We behave like ordinary 16 year-old girls …with mortgage payments.
We’re here to dish about books, boys and pop culture – whatever ramblings we have in our minds but mostly books … and boys.

We hope we entertain you as much as we entertain ourselves.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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