Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starcrossed Limericks

Josephine Angelini, the author of the fabulous debut Starcrossed is having a contest on her blog for UK residents.  You have to send her limericks that somehow tie to Starcrossed (a book about Greek mythology, demigods, etc) and you could win a copy of the UK version of Starcrossed.  Check out the contest on her blog here.  So, Nat asked her extremely creative husband (hereinafter referred to as "XO")  to come up with a Greek Mythology themed limerick.  Unfortunately, living in the greater Chicago area, we are not eligible for the contest, but these limericks must be shared.  If you enjoy them, please comment and let XO know (you know boys, they need constant praise!)  Also, if you have PG limericks you would like to share regarding your favorite books, please post them in the comments - this could be really fun!

Without further ado...

The party was just getting started
by Odysseus so big and brave hearted
twas Circe who came
said his libations were lame
and as a swine dear Odysseus departed

Pan played his lute oh so fine
Better for sleep than Cyclopean Wine
but a tune that he play
to keep the giants at bay
Failed but just the one time

Was Heracules night at the fights
such a show of good handsome might
The Minataur came in
with a cloth and a grin
and with a left hook ole Herc said goodnight


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