Thursday, December 24, 2015

That's What HE Said Thursday #56

Image courtesy of Kei at The Lovely Pages Review
That's What HE Said is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies at Chapter Break. It's a chance for us to spotlight and gush over a quote from our current book crush to the object of his desire. We like to pretend he's speaking to us ;)

What better way to celebrate our book boyfriends?

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It's Christmas Eve! Tomorrow we unwrap our gifts but today we give you a special present in the form of Danny from the novella, Bah Handsome! by Jill Shalvis. It's from the anthology, Kissing Santa Claus. In this scene he's speaking to Hope. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

~ Shel, Bel & Nat

"You asked why I didn't leave.  It's because I asked you to accept my help, without first telling you how much you've helped me." 

"Come one. I didn't help you with anything."
"Yes, you did.  You made me remember to feel for something other than just work, to feel something with my entire heart and soul." 
Emotion welled up and threatened her air supply, "That's convenient," she managed, "Because my heart and soul seem to want to be with yours." 
His eyes were shiny, so damn shiny she couldn't look away, "The best Christmas present I've ever had," he murmured, and leaned in and kissed her, giving her the best Christmas present she'd ever had - him...

~ Danny to Hope
Bah Handsome! by
Jill Shalvis
(Kissing Santa Claus anthology)

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