Friday, April 12, 2019

The Takeover Effect (The Singh Family #1) by Nisha Sharma

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Hemdeep Singh knows exactly what he wants. With his intelligence and determination, he has what it takes to build his own legacy away from Bharat, Inc. and the empire his father created. But when his brother calls him home, Hem puts his dreams on hold once again to help save the company he walked away from. That’s when he encounters the devastating Mina Kohli in the Bharat boardroom, and he realizes he’s in for more than he had bargained.

Mina will do whatever it takes to regain control of her mother’s law firm, even if it means agreeing to an arranged marriage. Her newest case assignment is to assist Bharat in the midst of a potential takeover. It could be the key to finally achieving her goal while preventing her marriage to a man she doesn’t love—as long as her explosive attraction to Hem doesn’t get in the way.

As Mina and Hem work to save Bharat, they not only uncover secrets that could threaten the existence of the company, but they also learn that in a winner-takes-all game, love always comes out on top.

Source: advance e-galley provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Super hot cover. Sexy title. The Takeover Effect pits two accomplished and driven individuals, Hemdeep and Mina, against each other in a sensitive situation that could have reverberating consequences for both of them, and ultimately, their family legacies. Both have a lot riding on the outcome of a planned takeover but neither of them could have predicted how quickly they'd both slide into each other's subconscious and consume their every waking thought. 

Sharma gives Hem and Mina backstories rich in family history and immense pride in the Indian culture instilled in them. They're both people of principle who occasionally find themselves at odds with the needs of family hierarchy. Mina has strived to be the dutiful and hard-driven daughter she thought her deceased mother would be proud of. Her end goal has always been to gain back control of the firm that her mother built,which her unscrupulous uncles took over later. Hem opted for some distance from his parents so he could have a personal life free of their interference before coming back to the family fold to help lead them through this takeover. Family is the backbone of this story and Mina and Hem have to find a way to honour theirs and also define their own path.

I liked The Takeover Effect as it moved along briskly and if you're a fan of insta-love, Hem and Mina falling for each other upon sight will make you happy. I was hesitant about Hem though because I'm not keen on pushy guys who insist on pursuing the women who have repeatedly voiced their need for boundaries, and yet the guys continually ignore those requests. I felt uncomfortable whenever he did that. I guess Mina is just as culpable when it comes to making questionable decisions but I get where her head is at. She's pretty much been used as a pawn by her manipulative uncles and her growing suspicions about them and what they did to her mother adds more stress upon her shoulders. The romance is just one aspect of their relationship. My uneasiness aside, Hem is a good guy, whose faith and devotion to family keeps him centered. He and Mina make an exciting power team when they combine forces to uncover the conspiracy threatening Hem's company. That's when I most enjoyed their special dynamic. 

If you're wanting a quick read, interesting characters (Hem's brothers and cousin are fantastic personalities), many mentions of mouthwatering foods (a foodie's dream), and a HEA that'll make you want to high five everyone in the room, The Takeover Effect will satisfy your craving. And now, I'll sit and "patiently" wait for the next book. 

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