Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Interview with Michelle Rowen

Michelle Rowen is a prolific author of both adult and young adult titles.  I recently had the pleasure of reading Demon Princess: Reign Fall, the third in the Demon Princess series. Michelle ended the book at a bit of a cliff-hanger, so I wanted to pick her brain and try to get her to spill the secrets of what is going on with Nikki, Michael and Rhys!  Of course, Michelle out-smarted my tricky questions...

1. You write both paranormal romance for adults and the Demon Princess series for young adults. Did you find it difficult to switch to writing for young adults? What was most difficult? I read Angel with Attitude and enjoyed it, but which of your other adult books would you recommend we read to tide us over until Reign Storm?

Michelle:  I didn't find the switch difficult at all because I started off writing YA, but ended up being published in PNR first. I love both equally and, maybe I'm a bit delusional, but I don't find much of a difference in the writing process, apart from the age of the characters and some of the themes I get to explore. For books to tide you over.... probably my Living in Eden trilogy, starting with The Demon in Me might be a good pick. More demons, but different than princess ones! I think it was a phase I was going through as a writer that made me want to explore the deliciously demonic in more than one series.

2. And because we really do have the mentality of 16-year olds here at BiblioJunkies, what fictional character would you most like to go out with?

Michelle:  Automatically my answer to any question like this is Jericho Barrons. He's the only character, apart from my own, that I'm completely obsessed with. However, I'm really not sure I could handle him on any level. He's probably best left on the page and in my imagination. ;)
 3. We don't have the tag line of Books. Boys. Pie. for nothing here at BiblioJunkies, so I have to ask, what is your favorite treat?

Michelle:  If I see Key Lime Pie on a restaurant's menu, there is a 99% chance I'm going to order it.
 4. I have a total crush on Rhys, what treat should I have on hand for a fictional date with the King of Faery?
 Michelle:  Well, Rhys does enjoy human wine, as he learned at a party in the second book, Reign Check. He also seems to give me many indications that he's very likely a vegan -- so a fruit-based meal might be a good idea. Strawberries and chocolate!! (although, remember, he's only sixteen!) ;)

5. And finally, Reign Fall ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger, will all our questions be answered in the last book Reign Storm?

Michelle:  Uh-huh. Not sure when Reign Storm will be available, but all questions will be answered in the fourth and final book. Promise! 
A huge thanks to Michelle for agreeing to answer my silly questions!  I will definitely be trying out the Living in Eden series while I wait for the last Demon Princess book.   For more information about any of Michelle's books, check out her website at:

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  1. Well I am more than willing to offer up Rhys lots of human wine! LOL And I'm a vegetarian too so we would make a great couple. I'll fight Nikki for him but she is a Darkling so she would kick my butt.