Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bound by Erica O'Rourke

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Mo Fitzgerald has made her choice: A life in Chicago. A future with Colin. To leave behind the enigmatic Luc and the world of the Arcs. But the more she struggles to keep her magic and mortal lives separate, the deadlier the consequences. In the end, Mo must risk everything – her life, her heart, her future – or lose it all.

I’d like to thank Erica O’Rourke for my lack of sleep. I’ve had my nose in this book for two days straight wishing I had the patience to slowly read through it but I don’t. I just had to know and now I’m sad it’s over. 

The first chapter opens with the return of Mo’s father, Jack. Considering he’s been behind bars for the last few years and the little child he’d left behind is now a stubborn young teen, you can say the reunion is nothing short of awkward. Mo’s uncle Billy, continues to be a manipulating scoundrel (I’ll refrain from using a stronger word though I’d very much like to) and her mom, Annie still has her head stuck in the ground much like an ostrich only more annoying. Colin and Mo are officially a couple openly displaying their relationship.

Mo has plenty on her shoulders but none weighs more heavily than the deal she brokered with Billy to protect Colin. As a result, she’s now working as an errand girl for him and it’s put her in a whole new line of fire. And Luc, oh Luc, that ever charming and mischievous fellow, is still around though "trying" to respect some of the boundaries Mo has put in place. Try as she might to be planted firmly in the Flat world, she is tied to Luc and the Arc world. Dealing with the Quartoren, taking down her uncle and a rival mob, plus school, dating her bodyguard and avoiding her parents keep her social schedule rather full.

Bound is thoroughly enjoyable. Much like its predecessors, it has action, humor and twists  galore making every moment of reading fun. Mo does do a lot of growing up in this one, coming a long way from the girl who witnessed the tragic murder of her best friend. Her personal evolution finds her simple black and white philosophy making room for other people’s perspectives. She makes no apologies for some of her decisions such as snooping behind Colin’s back to learn about his past. By the same token she also learns that while too many secrets can hurt, boundaries still need to be respected. On a wider scale, you see her awkwardly learning to come to terms with her double life.

My favorite element of the series is that the paranormal world with its own brand of dysfunction often collides into Mo’s equally dysfunctional world in Chicago. It puts the reader on edge to see this somewhat normal girl whose biggest worry should be applying to college suddenly be thrown into utter chaos because of a cruel twist of fate. It's a wonder Mo maintains her sanity long enough to devise a plan of action. This being another reason I enjoy the series so much Mo is a heroine who uses her intellect to work her way through each disaster. She makes tough decisions and she's loyal to a fault. The dangers she faces feel so tangible that it's easy to grasp the demanding push-and-pull of both worlds. 

If you’ve read the first two in the series, Torn and Tangled, then you’ll find many questions answered and Mo won’t disappoint you.  Bound also finds a few of the supporting characters stepping up. Together they help to tie up loose ends and everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  You're certain that everything will work itself out but there’s genuine pleasure in watching Mo influence events. She's had enough of being bossed around. Plus she’s picked up a few things from watching her sleazy uncle, so you know she’s got plenty of fight in her!

~ Bel

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