Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Angel by Helen Keeble

*** 1/2 

From HarperTeen:

Being the only guy at an all-girls school isn't exactly a dream come true...

That's right.  I, Rafael Angelos, am the sole member of the male sex at St. Mary's School.  Prepare yourselves, ladies.  But while the girls here are ridiculously hot, they also take popularity, cliques, and bullying to new levels of crazy.  So I've decided it's my job to step in.  Protect the meek, smite the wicked, and win the heart of a beautiful victim while I'm at it.  

The whole "guardian angel" thing is getting a little out of hand, though.  I really didn't sign up for a weird, glowing circle around my head - or a pair of wings.  And I'm starting to worry that there's a reason so many of the girls act like they're possessed by demons...

No Angel is a hilarious take on the recent influx of angel related books.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of some of these books, but No Angel's spoof-like nature was awesome.  It was also surprising, with twists and turns I never expected.  

As a story about teenagers fighting the battle between good and evil, angels vs demons, No Angel takes a humorous approach to the follies that inevitably follow.  It also takes the battle between teens and adults to new extremes.  All in all, I recommend No Angel for it's belly laughs and witty dialogue.  Excuse me, I need to go download Fang Girl now, you should too.



  1. Delighted that you enjoyed it! Hope Fang Girl tickles your funny bone as well. :)

  2. *Squee!* Thanks for stopping by! ~Shel