Friday, January 17, 2014

Once In A Lifetime by Jill Shalvis

From Forever/Grand Central Publishing:

Sometimes Wrong Is Oh-So-Right

After a wrenching loss, Ben McDaniel tried to escape his grief by working in dangerous, war-torn places like Africa and the Middle East.  Now he's back in his hometown and face-to-face with Aubrey Wellington, the hot-as-hell woman who is trouble with a capital T.  Family and friends insist she's not the one to ease his pain, but Aubrey sparks an intense desire that gives Ben hope for the future.

Determined to right the wrongs of her past, Aubrey is working hard to make amends.  But by far, the toughest challenge to her plan is sexy, brooding Ben - even though he has absolutely no idea what she's done...
Can this unlikely couple defy the odds and win over the little town of Lucky Harbor?

I really enjoyed Once in a Lifetime.  I didn't find the romance as steamy as a typical Jill Shalvis book, but I loved the premise here.  Seeking forgiveness and redemption for your past mistakes - it makes for some heartwarming and hilarious scenarios.  While Aubrey is trying to make up for her mean girl past, she's learning that karma is a bitch.  Some of the wrongs Aubrey tries to right are a touch nonsensical - replanting a watermelon patch or returning a library book, but others, like attempting to fix her relationship with her sister and her confession to Ben, may break your heart.

Ben, on the other hand, is learning how to deal with being home (instead of some third-world or disaster ridden country) and to connect with people again.  I love the relationship between Ben, Luke and Jack - how they share feelings with sarcasm and call each other on their shit.  And when Ben and Aubrey spend some quality time seeking redemption and fixing up Aubrey's bookstore, love is inevitable.  

The cameo appearances and updates on some of our favorite Lucky Harbor characters are fantastic.  Who doesn't love Lucille?  Seriously, that old lady is as calculating and manipulative as they come, and I love it!  So, if you are looking for a trip back to the magical world of Lucky Harbor, pick up Once in a Lifetime and enjoy.


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