Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pretty Sly (Pretty Crooked #2) by Elisa Ludwig

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Sequel to Pretty Crooked... 

Willa Fox was told to stay out of trouble. In fact, it was an order from a very serious juvenile court judge.

However, that was before Willa found her house ransacked and a mysterious email from her mother telling Willa she had to leave Paradise Valley for a while and not to come looking for her. Willa knows her mom’s in danger and that no one at school will miss her after her recent sticky-fingered stunts with the Glitterati. So with the help of her pal Tre and with her degenerate crush Aidan as her wingman, Willa violates her probation and hits the California highway in search of her mom.

But when Willa and Aidan’s journey turns dangerously criminal and they wind up being the focus of a national manhunt, they realize it’s sometimes easier to escape the law than the truth—and that everything Willa thought she knew about her mom, and her life, was wrong.

Pretty Sly is Elisa Ludwig’s fast-paced sequel to Pretty Crooked, the second book in a trilogy that’s pitch-perfect for fans of Ally Carter. With a daring heroine who has one-of-a-kind spunk, a roller-coaster Bonnie and Clyde romance, a thrilling mystery, and a shocking twist ending, this book will have readers rooting for Willa as she makes the wrong choices to do the right thing. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the series conclusion.

I was so excited to get my hands on Pretty Sly. When I’d first read Pretty Crooked, it was so opposite from all the paranormal and dystopian novels I'd been reading a lot at the time. It won me over immediately because of its fun premise and moral stand against bullying. Granted the heroine, Willa, went about things rather illegally but who doesn’t love a story about the underdog sticking it to the Glitterati?

Now she and Aidan are on the run. Her mom has disappeared, leaving a cryptic message and a ton of cash. Of course Willa won’t heed her mother’s advice to lay low and not look for her – ever met a stubborn 15 year-old? So feeling that she herself is not safe in their house after coming home to it ransacked, Willa and Aidan with a little help from Tre decide to piece together the clues to get on her mother’s trail. Naturally there are many obstacles in their way and as much as she shouldn’t, Willa has to resort to her “Sly Fox” ways in order to survive and press on. It’s a mixed bag of feelings for her – on the one hand, she’s appauled and feels guilty that she has to break in to homes and steal cars while she’s on the run. On the other, a small part of her enjoys the thrill and notoriety she’s receiving. When their pictures are splashed all over the news and they're labelled as rich kid runaways glamorizing an errant lifestyle , Willa and Aidan know that they have no time to waste.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Pretty Crooked but I do remember enjoying it very much and taking to Willa. In this one, I was a tad bit annoyed with her. I know, I know, her mother is gone, she’s on her own and she’s in trouble. She has every right to be whiney but many times it affected her reasoning.  And she wasn’t helped by her growing feelings towards Aidan. In those instances, I was reminded that she’s very much a fifteen year-old girl and shouldn’t be in this ridiculous predicament in the first place. It’s unfair of me to expect her to be some sort of high-end, stealthy spy in total control of her emotions. When she does finally get her stuff together though, it’s the Willa that I remember.  And it’s on!

Pretty Sly is just as fun as its predecessor with more at stake. And even though she and Aidan are breaking the law to find her mother, she does intend to right every wrong she creates along the way. That’s one of her most admirable traits which makes Willa a fun, flawed and socially responsible heroine to enjoy!

~ Bel

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