Thursday, August 21, 2014

Takeover by Anna Zabo

* * * 1/2

Michael Sebastian thought Curacao would be the perfect place to have a little fun in the sun—and between the sheets. So far, no one has struck his interest, until Sam Anderson walks into the bar. With one look at his tense body and expensive suit, Michael knows that this is a man in need of release. And Michael is more than willing to lend a hand.

Shattered by the most intense sex he’s ever had, Sam has to face the facts—one night with a handsome, dominating stranger is all he gets before returning to the closet he’s been suffocating in for years. But when Sam starts his new job as the CEO of a failing technology company, he discovers that Michael is one of his new employees.

While Michael is desperate for another night with Sam, he knows he shouldn’t get involved with his boss, let alone another man who can’t accept who he is. But as they’re forced to work together to save the company, the desire sparking between them becomes impossible to ignore…


In a recent review I stated how I’m not a big fan of “love at first sight” stories.  But I do love stories about instant attraction that grow into something more.  So I guess I believe in magic just not that magic equates to love?  I don’t know.  There’s really no explaining how my bizarre brain works.  In any case…When Michael first sees Sam in that bar in Curacao there is definitely attraction.  And after a hot night and an exchange of power neither have experienced in years, they realize that it was a night neither will forget.  They might not know each other well enough to be in love with each other but they know enough to realize that they each have something the other needs.  If circumstances were different they might see where this relationship will go.  But Michael leaves for home the next day and Sam’s vacation is just starting.

Sam and Michael never expected to see each other again.  They didn’t even know each other’s last names.  But it’s a small world sometimes.  And that couldn’t have been more obvious when Sam shows up as the new CEO of the failing software company Michael works for in Pittsburgh.  A relationship in their current situation is impossible.  One, Michael is Sam’s employee.  Two, Sam is not out.  Sam made the decision to go back into the closet and lock the door when he decided on his career path.  Corporate America wasn’t ready for a gay CEO and Sam wasn’t willing to give up his dream of a successful career in the corporate world.  

But as I said, they each have something the other needs.   After managing and controlling every part of a company during the day, Sam wants nothing more than to surrender in the bedroom.  And Michael?  Well, he wants nothing more than to dominate in the bedroom.   Match made in heaven, right?  Almost.  There is that pesky business about Sam being Michael’s boss.  And then there is the ultimate deal breaker for Michael – Sam staying in the closet. 

I loved Michael and Sam’s dynamic relationship.  There was so much energy and intensity.   All of that emotion and sexual tension about jumped off the page.  The bedroom scenes in this book contain quite a bit of BDSM play.  That is the place Sam can let go and Michael is more than willing to oblige.  I don’t consider any of these scenes “hard core” but they ARE  hotter than hell.  Phew!

It wasn’t perfect.  I had a small yet noticeable issue with this book.  And that was the repetition of the word, “spine.”  Phrases like “Sam’s spine tingled” and “pinpricks ran up his spine,” were a bit overdone. 29 times overdone.  I got it the first time.  And just in case I’m really slow, I can forgive the second .  But 29 times?  Not cool.   There may have been repetition in other areas but that was the one that hit me over the head for some reason.   That’s really the only complaint I had.  And in the end it’s a small one.  A small one I can live with because Michael and Sam’s story is hot and sexy and romantic.  And when it comes down to it, hot/sexy/romantic is EXACTLY what I’m looking for in a romance.


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