Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Undressed by Shannon Richard

Undressed (Country Roads, #4.5)****

She knows the rules of the game . . . but she can't resist his moves

Publicist Abby Fields's career is on the rise. And with failed romances in her past, she has no time for men. When a job opportunity opens up with a sports team in Florida, Abby eagerly packs up and heads south. Yet after a work event in Mirabelle, Florida, Abby finds herself in the arms of a hockey player whose heartstopping smile leads her to the steamiest night of her life . . .

Logan James is hot on and off the ice. With his team on an epic winning streak, life couldn't get better . . . until he meets Abby, the fiery redhead assigned to protect his team's image. Now Logan's finding it difficult to concentrate on anything other than getting Abby undressed. But after a secret is leaked to the press, the taste of betrayal opens old wounds. If they can't learn to trust each other, they may risk losing more than their hearts. (50,000 words) 


If you’ve read Undone (the first book in the Country Roads series) you might be familiar with Abby Fields.  She is Paige’s best friend and makes appearances throughout the series.  There were hints that she might get her own story and this is it.   Abby was a publicist for politicians in DC.  She recently took a job as a publicist for a NHL team.  The change was huge but she is finding that she loves it even more.  But, just like in DC, she has her problem children.  One of those problem children is the very hot Logan James.  When she says “problem child”, she doesn’t mean that he causes too many problems for her to fix.  It’s more his unwillingness to participate in many of the publicity events hosted by the team.

Logan James finds the team’s new publicist to be unbelievably hot. Too bad her profession is one that he absolutely despises.  He’s not interested in exploiting other people for his or the team’s benefit.  Having suffered a significant loss when he was younger, he realizes that doing good for the sake of doing good is the only thing he’s interested in.  That means he’ll do his own charities and if the team’s publicity team wants to be involved they’ll have to agree to his terms.

After an unexpected snowstorm and a night stuck in Logan’s cabin while waiting for a new flight to a charity “event” in Mirabelle, Abby and Logan take their non-existent relationship to the next level.  The next morning, Abby is already moving on.  Because, in the end, it should have never happened.  She will lose her job if anyone found out she had any sort of relationship with someone on the team. When they get to Mirabelle for the media-free (Logan’s demand for his cooperation) and personal (to Abby) event, Abby observes Logan interact with all of her friends in Mirabelle and realizes that maybe Logan isn’t quite the standoffish jerk she thought he was and that he really is more like the guy she spent the night with.

It’s been a long time since Logan’s been in a relationship but after one night with Abby he’s willing to explore the possibilities.  Unfortunately, she’s already acting like nothing ever happened between them.  On the bright side, Logan isn’t opposed to going after what he wants.  So after telling Abby that he’s still interested (and after Abby has a heart to heart with her BFF, Paige) they decide to continue their relationship privately. Away from the eyes of the team and management.

Of course, hiding a relationship with a NHL player that is likely going to playoffs is difficult.  Even more difficult is hiding their relationship when certain members of the team (both on and off the ice) will stoop to anything to see Abby fail at the job she loves. 

As you all may have noticed, Shannon Richard has quickly become a favorite author.  I’ve adored the Country Roads series and this novella was a great addition.  Abby is a wonderfully strong contemporary romance heroine.  She is a determined and focused professional and her solid belief that she should be able to have her career AND her relationship is both attractive and refreshing.  And wow….I thought the Men of Mirabelle were something.  Obviously Shannon Richard was just preparing me for the force that is Logan James.  

So, yeah.  If you are looking for a steamy romance featuring a hot hockey player and an all around amazing woman, Undressed is probably just what you are looking for.


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