Friday, August 19, 2016

Comfort Food by Sierra Riley

Comfort Food
* * 1/2

Source: This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“I can't help unless you let me.” 

“I might be alone, but at least I'm safe.” 

Martin Painter has been a recluse since his parents died when he was seventeen. Sure, he has money and a sprawling house in an upscale neighborhood, but material things can't patch the holes in his heart. When his sister drags him to a charity auction, the last thing he expects to win is a date with a handsome stranger. He can feel the attraction starting, but it's pointless, isn't it? He's better off alone. He's too awkward for a platonic "date," let alone real love.

“Do you ever wonder if you made a wrong turn somewhere?” 

Charity owner Travis Cole loves his work even if he misses the world of haute cuisine. But his charity is hemorrhaging money. He throws an auction to scrape together extra funds, and up on the auction block? Cooking lessons and a dinner with himself. He never thought the winner would be a man. And stranger still, he never expected to care so much about the soft-spoken, sad-eyed loner who won him.

“We've both got too much to lose, don't we?” 

Martin isn't sure he's capable of love anymore. Travis isn't sure he's capable of loving a man. But they can't deny it: there's something between them as powerful as gravity, even if it's just a desire to help one another let go of the past. While Travis teaches Martin how to cook, can they teach each other to be happy?

Comfort Food is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers 

Source: This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.


I had high hopes when I received this book.  A recluse being lured out of his house by an auction-won date with a chef?   It’s an excellent recipe for romance and I was really looking forward to reading it.  Unfortunately, this particular portrayal of the popular GFY (Gay for You) trope turned me off through most of the story.

Martin was a great character.  Painfully awkward at times but still super likable and fascinating.  I also enjoyed the scenes with his sister.  Their relationship was a beautiful one to witness. 

Travis’ character was likable enough but I never once believed that he was truly attracted to Martin.  The flow of their relationship moved from awkward to friends to I-regret-hurting-this-guy-so-maybe-I should-try-to-have-a-romantic-relationship-with-him.  There was zero mention of physical attraction when Travis decided to pursue a relationship.  Their first kiss was so horribly awkward and spark-less that I was actually cheering them on to be BFFs instead of boyfriends.  And the few times they fooled around on page alcohol was involved so I had a hard time trusting or believing the sincerity of Travis’ feelings.   It all made me rather uncomfortable.    

The reason I rated this at 2 1/2 stars is because regardless of my feelings on the story itself, there is no denying the fact that Sierra Riley is a talented author.  Her writing style is very engaging and kept my attention.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make me enjoy this particular story.

If you aren’t as much of a stickler as I am when it comes to the GFY trope then definitely check this one out.  But if you are a stickler like me then you should probably skip this one.  If you want to try out this author I would highly recommend her book, Loud and Clear.


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