Friday, June 21, 2013

In Too Deep by Coert Voorhees

* * *

Annie Fleet, master scuba diver and history buff, knows she can’t fight her nerd status as a freshman at her Los Angeles private school. And she doesn’t care—except for the fact that her crush, Josh, thinks she’s more adorable than desirable. Annie is determined to set him straight on their school trip to Mexico. But her teacher has other plans: he needs Annie to help him find Cortez’s lost-long treasure.

Suddenly, Annie finds herself scuba diving in pitch-black waters, jetting to Hawaii with Josh, and hunting for the priceless Golden Jaguar. But Annie and Josh aren’t the only ones lured by the possibility of finding the greatest treasure ever lost at sea. Someone else wants the gold—and needs Annie dead. In deeper danger than she ever imagined, can Annie get the boy and find the Jaguar, or is she in over her head?

Critically-acclaimed author Coert Voorhees delivers breathtaking romance and non-stop action in his newest novel, the spirited and captivating In Too Deep.

Annie is a girl after my own heart with her love of archaeology and treasure hunting. Where I like to look at nature from a distance, she will actually get out into the field and get her hands dirty or wet in this case. 

When Annie's teacher presents her with the opportunity to go to Mexico to perform some charity work and may be find a little treasure on the side, she jumps at the chance.  Once she arrives there, she finds out the true mission of the trip and agrees to go along with it. It's a dream come true and it's more than flattering to have her teacher rely on her expertise. However, this has to be kept quiet from the rest of the group. It's tough keep secrets especially when things become precarious but Annie's pretty smart and finds ways in and out of some harrowing danger. 

It was fun to read something contemporary with plenty of action in it and best of all, a good mystery to be solved. I mean who doesn’t love tales of treasure hunting? There was definitely a good balance of humor and high-school romance thrown in as well. And even though the trip starts out with an unlikely group of teens, they do end up working together as a team. 

In Too Deep will make a perfect addition to your summer reading!

~ Bel