Thursday, October 3, 2013

Popping The Cherry by Aurelia B Rowl

* * *

You only get one first time . . .

From driving tests to relationships, Valentina Bell thinks she’s a failure, with a big fat capital F. At this rate, she’s certain she’ll be a virgin forever. So Lena’s friends plan Operation: Popping the Cherry to help her find the perfect man first time.

Yet somehow disastrous dates with bad-boy musicians and fabulous evenings with secretly in-the-closet guys aren’t quite working out how Lena planned.

Soon Lena’s avoiding Operation: Popping the Cherry to spend time with comforting, aloof Jake, her best friend’s older brother, who doesn’t make her feel self-conscious about still clinging to her V card. But could Jake show Lena that sometimes what you’re looking for most is right by your side?

I just couldn’t resist this title. The entire premise sounded fun and to be honest, a disaster in the making so I thought, why not? And it ended up being one of the more delightful books I’ve read all year.

Lena is most definitely not thrilled with this plan her friends have hatched. She half-heartedly goes along with it even coming up with a shortlist of guys but she’s not really intent on following through. On her first date that ends awfully, Lena finds herself without a ride home and no way to contact anyone. Things get decidedly worse as she’s walking to the nearest town to find a bus or a phone when she’s followed and nearly attacked. Luckily she winds up in a shop where the owners come to her aid. When she can’t reach Gemma her best friend, Gemma’s brother Jake comes to give her a ride home instead. It’s from there that they start to spend more time with each other.

Like I mentioned earlier, this book is really delightful. Lena’s mishaps in dating are hilarious once you get past the first disaster date after which she opts not go the desperate route. While all her friends are busy with their own thing, Lena and Jake hang out more.  And because she’s worried about Gemma’s reaction to that, she ends up juggling her time between the two. It comes down to Lena to figure out what exactly she wants but not before she makes a few mistakes and ruffles a few feathers.

I really liked this book. Don't be fooled by the title. I promise the story is really not as crude as the title makes it sound. Instead it’s the perfect balance of entertaining and sweet.  

~ Bel

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