Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O’Neale Book Blast

Hi all! You know Stacey O'Neale, right? She blogs at Fantasy Book Addict and has a new book! Check out the info on Mortal Enchantment below.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

"Mortal Enchantment spins a unique twist on elemental mythology.  This series is not to be missed."  Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

In Kalin Matthew's world, elements control the forces of nature.  They are divided into four courts: air, woodland, fire, and water.  At sixteen she will leave the life she's built with her mortal mother.  Kalin will move to Avalon to rule with her father - the elemental king of the air court.  Along the way, she's attacked by a fire court assassin and saved by Rowan, a swoon-worthy elemental with a questionable past.

Worst of all, she learns her father is missing.

To rescue him, Kalin will have to work with a judgmental council and a system of courts too buy accusing each other of deceit to actually be able to help her.  But, they aren't her biggest challenge.  With the Midwinter's Ball only five days away, Kalin must take over her father's duties, which includes shifting control of the elements - power Kalin has yet to realize.

As Rowan attempts to train her, a war looms between the four courts.  If Kalin fails, her father will die and the courts will fall, but the betrayal she's about to uncover may cost her even more...

Amazon eBook for $2.99. 

Amazon Paperback for $8.99.


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