Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday (1)

Weigh in Wednesday is a brand new meme started by Lauren at Epilougue.  This meme is a great way to break up our week and a fun way to share our book-ish opinions with the book lover community.

This week's topic is:

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction 

Nat - Fiction all the way.  Fiction allows me to immerse myself in emotion and excitement that I may not necessarily experience in real life.  I have found that I can't lose myself in non-fiction the way that I can in fiction.

Bel - Before kids I was all over non-fiction especially history. The geeky side of me enjoyed taking notes and researching facts. I'd even hunt down movies based on subjects I'd read about. Now post kids, I crave fantasy and escapism. It's how I deal with being a "responsible" adult!

So tell us what YOU think - Fiction or Non-Fiction?


  1. Totally agree..fiction wins hands down.
    My WIW

  2. Nat: Exactly how I feel, nonfiction just doesn't "do it" for me!!

    Bel I've never really gotten into history, maybe I'm not reading the right books but they all seemed pretty dry :/

  3. Definately fiction. For me the best thing about reading is being able to get lost in another world in a brief escape from reality. Non-fiction just cant do that.

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I think so far fiction is winning hands down :-)

  5. Lauren, you have a very good point about history books being dry. The book that truly blew my mind was "A World Lit Only By Fire" by William Manchester. But these days, I'm happily lost in non-fiction! ~ Bel