Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

From Simon & Schuster:

Sometimes sorry isn't enough....

It's winter break in Ascension, Maine. The snow is falling and everything looks pristine and peaceful. But not all is as it seems...
Between cozy traditions and parties with her friends, Emily loves the holidays. And this year's even better--the guy she's been into for months is finally noticing her. But Em knows if she starts things with him, there's no turning back. Because his girlfriend is Em's best friend.

On the other side of town, Chase is having problems of his own. The stress of his home life is starting to take its toll, and his social life is unraveling. But that's nothing compared to what's really haunting him. Chase has done something cruel...something the perfect guy he pretends to be would never do. And it's only a matter of time before he's exposed.

In Ascension, mistakes can be deadly. And three girls—three beautiful, mysterious girls—are here to choose who will pay.
Em and Chase have been chosen.

First of all, I am not big on book trailers, but I actually picked up this book because of the trailer, so I took the liberty of pilfering it from Simon & Schuster's site for your viewing pleasure...

Fury is much darker than I expected (though why I expected something more light-hearted from a book about the Furies I have no idea).  The main characters, Em and Chase have obviously done bad things to draw the attention of the Furies.  They are selfish, unthinking idiots to be frank.  Em is hooking up with her best friend's boyfriend and hurting all kinds of people in the process.  Chase is uncaring and manipulative, obsessed with his reputation and unwilling to let anyone get in his way.  In fact, the only truly "good" person in the book is JD, Em's next door neighbor who does not have a mean or conniving thought in his head, ever. There is definitely no happily ever after at the end of Fury - it is a classic Greek tale, full of magic and tragedy.  

It takes an extremely talented writer to create a story centered around such unlikeable characters and make you care about them.  Make no mistake, no matter how horrible Em & Chase's actions are, you will care.  Your heart will race and break as you experience the Furies torment with them.  I cried foul, rooted for justice and hoped for the best as Elizabeth Miles took me on this nail-biting ride through Ascension.

On the series website, it says "Stephen King-meets-Twilight in this sexy new series" and when I read it I thought, that is exactly right.  You can check out the series info at or on Simon & Schuster's website.  Book Two is Envy, but I have no idea when it will be released, my guess is that the torture will continue until next fall...

I give Fury 4 stars and encourage you all to read it, so you know what to look out for - beware the Furies!


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  1. My favorite character though, and the reason I wanted to bitch slap Em upside the head, was JD. Why could she not see how wonderful he was and just be with him! It was so obvious what a sweet and caring guy he is to everyone but Em. So true to life though, you can't see what's right in front of you.