Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interview with Aimee Carter Author of The Goddess Test

As our final author interview of the week, we are so happy to give you Aimee Carter, who is joining us despite being sick.  A huge thanks to Aimee!

Without further adieu, we give you Aimee Carter, the author of The Goddess Test and the upcoming sequel, Goddess Interrupted.  See our review of The Goddess Test posting today for more information.

BiblioJunkies:  Since it is Greek Week, we will start out with a couple "theme" questions. The Goddess Test has a very unique take on Greek Mythology and the gods. Do you have a favorite god, hero or monster?

Aimee Carter:  Thank you! There are several different stories I love, but I'd have to say that two of my favorite figures from mythology are Hades and Aphrodite. Hades intrigues me, and Aphrodite supplies an endless amount of mischief and entertainment that is prominent throughout the Greek myths.

BiblioJunkies:  The Goddess Test is a retelling of Hades & Pershephone or more precisely, I suppose a retelling of Hades' story. Do you have a favorite myth?

Aimee Carter:  Other than the myth of Hades and Persephone, one of my favorites is the myth of Orpheus' journey to reclaim his wife, Eurydice, from the Underworld.

BiblioJunkies:  And, since we REALLY do have the mentality of 16 year old girls here at BiblioJunkies, what fictional character would you most like to go on a date with?

Aimee Carter:  Remus Lupin! Or Bill Weasley. Probably Remus.

BiblioJunkies:  Our obsessions here at BiblioJunkies HQ are books, boys & pie (or cupcakes if you are me) - we have covered the first two, so now for the last... do you have a favorite treat to take the edge off a tight deadline or to celebrate a day that ends in "y"? 

Aimee:  Nearly anything sweet and chocolate-y and I'm there! I love cupcakes. And pie, especially banana cream pie with chocolate drizzle. I have an entire drawer dedicated to stashing sweets, and I always keep it stocked.

BiblioJunkies:  And finally, any chance you will give us a hint (or two) about what is in store for Kate in Goddess Interrupted (releasing in March 2012)?

Aimee:  I can't say much about it, but I will say that it starts off in September, after Kate's six months away from Henry, though that time she's away is definitely brought up several times throughout the story.

Thank you so much for answering our ridiculous questions!  We cannot wait to read Goddess Interrupted!  You can learn more about Aimee and The Goddess Test series at Aimee's website

To round out our Greek Week celebration, tomorrow we will discuss the coming attractions from the authors featured on the blog this week.  Stop by to find out about the coming releases! 


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