Thursday, April 23, 2015

That's What HE Said Thursday #25

Image courtesy of Kei at The Lovely Pages Review

That's What HE Said is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies at Chapter Break. It's a chance for us to spotlight and gush over a quote from our current book crush to the object of his desire. We like to pretend it's us ;)

What better way to celebrate our book boyfriends?

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This week's quote is from Bethany Crandell's Summer On The Short Bus. This book was a genuine surprise that had me laughing at the many awkward moments in it because lord knows, I have plenty of my own. In this scene, Cricket and Quinn are walking back to camp after a quiet dinner. Quinn, who could be Zac Efron's twin has become the highlight of Cricket's day at the camp. If you'd like to read my review, you can click here. Anyway, this is a cute but awkward moment from the book.

My heart begins to race as he squeezes my hand before narrowing his gaze to my mouth. Cosmo would say we're moving too fast, but I don't give a crap about big sister advice. I allow my eyes to drift shut, prepping myself for what is bound to be the best first kiss ever, when he says, "You've got a little pizza sauce right here."

My eyes flutter open. "What?"

"Right here." He dabs at my cheek with the same hand I had been holding seconds before. "It was so good you were saving some for later?"

I feel my cheeks warm with embarrassment as I scrub at the leftover sauce. "Thanks, " I say with false amusement. "I guess I'm a bigger mess than I realized."

"Yea, maybe you are," he says, leaning close enough so I can see my reflection in his eyes. "But that's when life starts getting good, right? When it's messy."

~ Quinn to Cricket

Summer On The Short Bus by
Bethany Crandell


  1. They're so cute! But I didn't like the part when the heroine said she didn't give a crap about big sister advice though.

    Rin @ Hiding Under The Sheets

  2. Awww, have to meet Quinn soon! I've heard this book is pretty cute and I LOVE the bright cover.
    And awkward moments are the best! (Okay, sometimes). But in books they are totally cool. Great choice this week. ;)

  3. Cute philosophic kind of quote hehe :) Thanks for linking up.