Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Band Does Not Exist by Robert T. Jeschonek

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Description for the book:

“Being trapped in a book can be a nightmare – just ask Idea Deity.  He’s convinced that he exists only in the pages of a novel written by a malevolent author … and that he will dies in chapter 64.  Meanwhile, Reacher Mirage, lead singer of the secret rock band Youforia, can’t figure out who’s posting information about him and his band online that only he should know.  It seems to both teens that someone is pulling the strings of their lives… and they’re not too happy about it.  With a national magazine preparing to expose Youforia and chapter 64 bearing down like a speeding freight train, time is running out.  Will Idea and Reacher be able to join forces and take control of their own destinies before it’s too late?

School of Rock meets Alice In Wonderland in this fast-paced, completely unpredictable novel of alternate realities, time travel, and rock ‘n’ roll.  If you band does not exist… do you?"

The description doesn’t lie.  It is a fast-paced, action-packed story that volleys back and forth between the two characters, Idea and Reacher.  There’s also another book within the story called Fireskull’s Revenant that both the characters are reading.  A few chapters in it does occur to you that there’s a parallel between the book you’re reading and the book they’re reading. And eventually Idea and Reacher realize that too.

Jeschonek has come up with a brilliant idea here (no pun intended).  I’d like to add that elements of the story also reminded me of a certain Brad Pitt movie that shall remain nameless lest it give away too much about the book.  It’s definitely one of the more creative stories I’ve read, and to be perfectly honest it was kind of nice to take a break from reading about angels, dragons or elves.  Instead I was introduced to this guy over here, Fireskull, a guy with a perpetually flaming head as you can see, who loves war and torturing his army.   Despite that gruesome bit of detail, he was rather entertaining.

Reading this reminded me of authors like Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman* and their propensity for creating bizarre worlds, outlandish characters and ridiculous names. In my opinion, that's high praise.  So if you’re in the mood for something different, definitely try this.  Though be aware that it may take some concentration to keep up with who’s who and what’s what as the author does scramble realities frequently.  Have fun!

~ Bel

* Good Omens being one of my favorite books  :-)


  1. Thanks for the review, BiblioJunkies! I love your site, btw. Your origin story definitely struck a chord with me. Coincidentally, my publishing group is changing its name from Tsetse Press to Pie Press! The universal appeal of pie cannot be denied!

  2. You're very welcome! We look forward to more from you ... and yes, pie makes everything better. If not, at least it was delicious! ~ Bel