Friday, June 6, 2014

Perfect 10 by Erin McCarthy


From Goodreads:

Katrina Phillips is an expert social media manager. But that doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes. Horrible, hide-in-your-closet-forever mistakes... like accidentally syncing her BootyBook app with her online profiles.

Blammo. Now everyone in the world can see who Katrina has dated and how they rated in appearance, sexual performance, and (OMG) detailed descriptions of their manly parts! Now her phone is blowing up with irate exes—and an out-of-the-blue text from the only guy who came close to a perfect score...

Katrina has had a thing for Drew Jordan since forever ago, even if a booze-fuelled one-nighter did destroy their friendship. So why is he suddenly texting her now—and is it because she rated his Sexy Staff Of Manliness as “magnificent”? Now the only way to satisfy her curiosity is to reunite with Drew... and rate him all over again!

Speaking of nightmares - can you imagine having an app that reviews every guy you've ever had sex with being posted on your Facebook wall and all other social media?  Oh my god, I would hope for a huge hole to swallow me up to save me from the embarrassment.  Poor Katrina.  And Drew, he's so nice about the fact that his penis gets a Facebook fan page!  And then he sets out to show Trina that he's matured since he slunk out of her place after their drunken one night stand.  He's out to get his best friend back - and maybe a second (and third, fourth, etc) chance to get the perfect score.  

Perfect 10 is part of the Red Hot Reads partnership between Harlequin and Cosmo.  Erin McCarthy is a perfect candidate to contribute to this partnership.  Perfect 10 is funny, sexy and thoroughly entertaining.  It's a short story so it won't take you long to fall in love... 


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