Friday, September 5, 2014

Awkwardly Ever After by Marni Bates

From Kensington:

It's prom season at Smith High School and love is in the air. . .for some people.

Melanie Morris knows she shouldn't keep flirting with her best friend's brother, Dylan Wellesley, even though the last thing she feels is "sisterly" around the cute soon-to-be freshman. But attending prom with somebody else might mean losing him for good. . .
Isobel Peters accepts the fact that she's a huge geek, but she never expected renowned player, Spencer King, would want to get his hands on. . .her reputation. What begins as a bargain could turn into something real--or a Notable disaster!
Corey O'Neal is dating the boy of his dreams, rockstar Timothy Goff. But it isn't easy to trade in anonymity for instant celebrity status, especially now that swarms of protesters want them both banned from prom. Dating Prince Charming in real life is a whole lot harder than it sounds in fairytales.
Happily ever after? Try awkwardly ever after!

The Bad:

There were just a couple little things that got in the way of my loving the final installation… Awkwardly was told through multiple POVs, which I love, but because of it, there were times when the transitions were abrupt and a little jarring. Also, Corey and Tim's drama seemed rushed to the finish line. I needed it fleshed out a little more, but also because I love Corey & Tim!

The Good:

Thank god that's over, now we can get on to the awesome in Awkwardly! 

First Melanie and Dylan – seriously, how cute are these two? Poor Melanie can't open up about her traumatic home life and all she wants is to lean on Dylan. But Dylan is off limits – the girl code says "thou shall not lust after your friends little brother" especially when said little brother is still in junior high. But Dylan's survived his own drama and is strong enough to help Melanie and just might benefit from Melanie's TLC when his long lost, jerkface dad makes a reappearance. These two will give you a toothache they are so sweet!

Isobel and Spencer are our bad boy and girl who are just too ridiculous to admit that they might be great together. The fro-yo shop scene is awesome!

And finally Corey and Tim. Sigh. Corey's been bullied and tormented for refusing to hide who he is, but his reward is the dreamy boy-band rocker Tim. But while it's hard to be openly gay in high school, it's an entirely different story to come out with Tim and the ensuing chaos of being thrust into the international news cycles with paparazzi watching your every move. They are really put to the test when the school decrees that the two boys cannot attend prom together. Corey just wants to spend some alone time with his boyfriend, not be a poster child for bullying and discrimination. Tim's mad as hell and willing to use all his influence to fight for their rights. Can Corey and Tim survive prom?

Besides feeling a little rushed with Corey and Tim and the crazy POV transitions, Awkwardly is fantastic. If you guys haven't read this series you should! It's all about a group of socially awkward and hilarious students at Smith High trying to find their places in the world, and hopefully a little love and acceptance along the way. This series is perfect for a little laugh out loud light reading!


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