Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Greek Week Update!

We are hard at work attempting to bring you fun and frivolity for our Greek Week celebration next week.  Just to give you an update (these are subject to change, but this is our tentative schedule):

October 3, 2011:
Interview with Jennifer Estep!  We are so excited to have our first author interview.  Jennifer's book Touch of Frost features students from Mythos Academy (lots of fun spin on all types of mythology, not just Greek).  Shel's review of the book and Jennifer's interview will kick off our Greek Week!

October 4, 2011:
The much anticipated release date of Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.  To celebrate, Nat will review The Lost Hero and I am sure there will be plenty of general giddiness over the release of Son of Neptune.

October 5, 2011:
Shel reviews Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini. This was one of her favorites of 2011, so far.

October 6, 2011:
The Furies themselves agreed to an interview!  I know, I know.  I am nervous too.  We will post our review of Fury by Elizabeth Miles and celebrate her take on the Greek scorekeepers. 

October 7, 2011:
Sweet Venom and the Oh.My.Gods. series by Tera Lynn Childs take center stage on Friday.  We were lucky enough to meet Tera recently and are super excited to have her come play with us on the blog! 

October 8, 2011:
We will post our review of The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter and discuss her very unique take on the Greek gods and mythology.

October 9, 2011:
We are still working out the details for how to end our Greek Week celebration, but I am sure we will come up with something ridiculous and fun!

Oh and did I forget to mention you should check back for information on giveaways during Greek Week?  Oh, my bad...

Get your togas and ambrosia ready people!  See you next week!


** It is entirely possible that I forgot a fun Greek/mythology inspired series and if I did - please tell me.  I do not want to leave anyone out.  AND if it is a book I have yet to discover, I definitely want to check it out!  You can comment here or send an email to bibliojunkies @ gmail.com

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