Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When The Stars Align by Jeanette Grey

* * 

Their passion burned hotter than the stars . . .

For Josephine "Jo" Kramer, nothing has ever been easy. When she earns a summer internship in Puerto Rico, working at one of the world's preeminent scientific facilities, she'll let nothing distract her. Not her own insecurities, not the arrogant scientists, and definitely not her tall, chiseled research partner, Adam.

For Adam McCay, physics is simple-it's women who are complicated. Especially brilliant, beautiful ones like Jo. From the moment they meet, he can feel the heat smoldering deep beneath her icy exterior. And Adam knows just what it will take to make Jo melt . . .

Under the endless stars of a tropical sky, Jo and Adam indulge their every desire. But as their internship comes to an end, their perfect island paradise is threatened. Was their time together a summer fling? Or is their passion hot enough to last the long winter nights?

A young, ambitious woman with a large chip on her shoulder versus an equally ambitious young man who’s figuring out the complicated mess that has become of the relationship he has left behind. They arrive in Puerto Rico to participate in a prestigious undergraduate research program and are soon partnered up.

Jo has a hard time with people in general. She’s aloof, she doesn’t trust easily and she’d much rather be left alone. Adam is the opposite. He enjoys company, is outgoing and inclusive. Jo is unimpressed when they first meet and he is baffled by this haughty, mysterious person. But just because she’s built a perimeter around herself, doesn’t mean that Jo doesn’t notice Adam’s physical attributes or personality. Despite herself, she would just rather be all business and focus on her work. They have a rocky start but Adam is able to chisel away at her rough exterior to make her feel more comfortable and relaxed around him, eventually becoming more social with her research team.

I liked the gender-reversal in this. Jo has more sexual experience and is perfectly fine with a one-night stand every once in a while. Adam is a relationship guy. When he’s in love, he’s committed. This is too much for Jo who is used to keeping herself emotionally detached. Adam has to be patient as she works through her issues, and there are many such as her very strained relationship with her father.

That being said, I also had a difficult time clicking with Jo. Initially, it was because she came off as a “glass half empty” person to me. Her negative attitude reminded me of someone I knew so that personal reference made it difficult for me to connect with her. As her background came to light, I began to empathize with where she was coming from even if I still didn't get her completely.

Jo and Adam have their battle of wills as to how and where their relationship should go. It’s a dramatic learning curve for Jo who has never let anyone get close before. As for Adam, he’s learning that there’s a difference between settling for something and fighting for something heart and soul. Where they end up after their time in Puerto Rico is over is the far greater unknown than the stars they've been studying all along.  

~ Bel

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