Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shel's Top Ten of 2015

I hate this time of year...  It's the time when I have to narrow down all the great books I've read and pick my top ten favorites.  *Sigh*  I had a difficult time figuring out my top ten this year, but here you have it - 

Ally Carter really goes for the jugular in All Fall Down.  It's a fantastic, emotionally exhausted ride.

While Ally goes for the jugular, Tiffany King tries to rip out your heart in A Shattered Moment.  It is such a devastatingly beautiful story.

Atlantis Rising is a clever take on the lost city.  A great mythology and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Wow, if you are ever in need of a laugh, you couldn't ask for better than most of Rachel Van Dyken's work.  I laughed so much reading The Consequences of Loving Colton that it had to go on my Top Ten list.

A modern take on the teenaged Lois Lane, newbie sleuth and reporter.  Seriously, it's mystery mixed with superhero mythology, which makes it perfect.

Loving Dallas is a great New Adult revolving around a country music band on the rise.  The whole series is fun and you should check it out.  

A great sport's romance, and check out this cover!

Reawakened was a fun and entertaining story about Egyptian Mythology.  I loved this book so much, I got it for BiblioJunkie Bel for Christmas!

I nearly disavowed Janet Evanovich after reading The Scam - I need to know what happened!!!!  The Fox & O'Hare series is great fun about a straight laced FBI agent partnering with a charming con-man to bring down hardened criminals.  If that doesn't sell you on the series, then you don't know how to live.  :-)

I loved Tessa's story and I hope you do too.  A New Adult about a young woman trying to have it all, but being a single mother, it's not really happening. 

And there you have it, my Top Ten of 2015.  I wish you happy reading in 2016 and too many great books to narrow it down to just 10!

~ Shel

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