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Invincible Summer by Seth King Review Tour

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We all remember our first love, that one affair that took custody of your heart and never really let it go. Readers around the world were touched by The Summer Remains, a heartbreaking and inspiring novel about one of these romances – but Cooper Nichols, the enigmatic young man at the center of the novel, was largely silent on the matter. Until now.

“I just can’t believe it’s over between you guys,” my best friend said as we walked down the pier. “You two were supposed to last forever.”

I stared out at the blue sea. “Oh, trust me, it’s not over. I am going to see that girl’s face in every crowd I look into, forever. And maybe a few forevers after that…”

And so begins the tale of young writer Cooper Nichols. Left in ruins after a tragic summer romance, Cooper is afraid the sun may have set on him for good – until his mother discovers a copy of Cooper’s journal he kept of that summer. As he reluctantly slips back into his own past in the pages of his notebook, Cooper starts to rethink everything he thought he knew about life, death, and all the love that can bloom in between – and what follows is a thrilling and breathtaking journey back to joy that will sink into you and stay there for the long haul.

Illuminating, romantic and soul-stirring, Invincible Summer is a testament to the miraculous power of love, in all its immortal glory and everlasting majesty. If you have ever found yourself drifting back to a long-lost romance during a quiet moment, prepare to be pulled under all over again.

“That one summer. Everyone’s got one, that fleeting season that rearranged you and imprinted itself onto your soul forever. You were mine. I swear I’ll never forget your hazel eyes. I swear I’ll never forget those few months when the winds roared. I’ll always think of you that way. And if you can, please come back to me. At the end of the day I’m just a boy who wants to get back to his first love, and I miss you. Just find a way back, please. I’ll be waiting.

Until then, I’ve got nothing…”

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"Breathtaking. This book will change your life." - Schmexy Girl Book Blog
“Magnificent. Invincible Summer is one of those books that you read and know you are better for it.” - Red Cheeks Reads

"Heart-achingly beautiful...I was life ceased to exist while I read this book...enlightening and uplifting...this book is extraordinary." - Relentless Book Chics Rambling and Reviews

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If any of you have read Seth King’s previous two releases, The Summer Remains and Autumn Rising, you know that he’s generous with his words and not shy about feelings. The unlikely love story between Summer and Cooper had me weeping like a baby.  Heads-up before I go on, there is some spoilery, so if you haven’t read either books yet, you may want to do that first.

Invincible Summer picks up with Cooper’s life in tatters after Summer’s unexpected passing. He has descended into depression, having troubling mustering the slightest bit of interest or energy for anything. He questions the meaning of his life, what his purpose is and whether he can or should continue. It’s heartbreaking to love someone so intensely and then suddenly they’re not there. All he feels is devastated and lost. So the first part of the story deals with him struggling to come to terms with his new reality.

King then takes the story in an unexpected direction by returning us to Summer’s POV. I I didn't see it coming and if I thought my heart had been wrung out enough, I was so wrong. Summer’s narrative brings insightful perspective via her wicked wit. Everything is described so incredibly. She's surrounded by beauty but also by melancholy. She knows the despair and desperation that she has left behind, and she refuses to move on until she can help her loved ones find some peace. 

As I was reading this, I realized that this Invincible Summer is an ode to those who are left behind. Losing someone you’ve loved so fiercely can be the most devastating experience. So many of us try to find comfort in believing that our loved ones are in a better place, smiling down on us, perhaps even creating a little bit of magic here and there to let us know that they’re still with us. Some readers may find solace in Invincible Summer but undoubtedly all readers will be caught up in an epic love that we all wish for ourselves. Believe me, I rarely use the word “epic” but in this case it’s true. King’s at times poetic writing had me in tears; thankfully I had the tissues beside me. Invincible Summer is a massive hug to all those loved ones we’ve lost and to all of us who carry their memories. Get swept up and away in Invincible Summer!

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Seth King is a twenty-six-year-old American author. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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I’m bad – but I don’t want to be bad anymore.

In fact, leaving my Nashville life behind and swearing off love forever was the only thing keeping me from falling back into my old ways and fucking up again, and I was doing pretty well at pretending to be good – until I met Taylor Haney, that is.

Now I can think of nothing but Taylor. Her shy smile…the way she fidgets with her hands when she gets nervous…the sounds she makes when I tie her to my bedposts and go to town on her…the way I get a glimpse of eternity when I look into her hazel eyes…
And that little lovey feeling is the worst thing of all, because it means I’m breaking all my old rules now – and that means nobody is safe. Especially Taylor.

Because the last girl I fell in love with is currently lying in Brentwood Cemetery.

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How far would you go to save someone you love? And how far would you go to get revenge on a loved one who betrayed you? 

Ben Bradley is a twenty-year-old student and aspiring MMA fighter with a dead-end day job and a desperate need for cash to help his disabled sister out of a tight spot. Grace Robinson is a lonely forty-something D.C. housewife who spends her time reading about red rooms of pain while her husband busies himself with the office interns. And with the arrival of a controversial new app called Hookd that matches attractive young men with powerful women willing to pay for their companionship, Ben and Grace soon find incredibly appealing – and risky – solutions to their problems. 

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And then hope Grace’s vindictive husband, Congressman Richard Robinson, stays in the dark once Mrs. Robinson’s affair explodes into something more passionate and erotic than she could have ever imagined.

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