Thursday, December 3, 2015

That's What HE Said Thursday #54

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That's What HE Said is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies at Chapter Break. It's a chance for us to spotlight and gush over a quote from our current book crush to the object of his desire. We like to pretend he's speaking to us ;)

What better way to celebrate our book boyfriends?

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Since it's December, I thought I'd share one from a holiday-themed novel I bought last year called, Dec the Holls by Jasinda Wilder. It was a cute and quick read. I picked this particular scene because I enjoy that thrill of that initial flirtation, where the characters are tying to read each other without saying too much. It could be fun or awkward. I found this to be a sweet and trusting moment. 

If you're craving something with a wishes-can-come-true and a sweet happily-ever-after ending, please add this to your Christmas reading list :)  ~ Bel

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The setting: It's late after work, Holly's car won't start, it's cold outside and her boss, Declan happens by to assist her. He offers to take her to a diner to grab something to eat where Holly tries very hard to resist her extremely good-looking boss.

"You're going to let me pay, right? " he said.

"Would it do any good to argue?"

"Nope," Declan said, rubbing his thumb in circles on the back of her hand.

"Then yes. And thank you." She smiled at him, and the grin he flashed back at her made her belly flutter.

"My pleasure." He glanced at the bill, and then back at her. "Twenty-six fifty is a small price to pay for the pleasure of your company."

Holly blushed. "I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Nope. I came up with that one just now. You're the first. Did it work?"

Holly tilted her head back and forth. "Depends on what you were trying to accomplish."

"Cheer you up, at the very least. And just possibly be a little charming." His brown eyes were locked on hers, bright with humor and interest, and maybe even a hint of something like desire.

Holly's stomach flip-flopped. "Um." She felt her face burning, and she had to look away from his dark eyes. "I'm cheered up. Yep. Definitely worked."

He leaned forward so their faces were mere inches apart. "What about the other part?"

Holley batted her eyelashes. "Whatever do you mean?"

He chuckled and slid out of the booth to pay the bill. "Hmmm. Guess I'll have to work on my irresistible charm."

~ Declan to Holly
Dec the Holls by
Jasinda Wilder

      Dec the Holls


  1. Hehe that's a cute exchange :)

  2. Oh, that's sweet! I have this book...need to open it. ;)

  3. Ohh really cute and sweet quotes I need too get this book. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  4. Hi all, it's a very cute story...feel-good for the holidays. And I liked that he's not the domineering type. He's just a genuinely good guy. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Bel