Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinning it with Literary Love

Jamie B. at The Perpetual Page-Turner had the wonderful idea of posting some of her favorite Pinterest finds and encouraged everyone to do the same.  And considering I spend every waking moment on Pinterest I am feeling up to the task.  Okay, okay.  Not EVERY waking moment.  But a good portion of those moments when my kids - in all their cuteness - aren't asking me to play, read, watch tv and/or eat....

....hours later....

So I was going to give a little bit of this and that but then realized that I wanted to show you ALL THE PINS in ALL THE WORLD.  So I had to break it down into categories.  And then some of those categories were too big so I had to break them down to.  And the...well you get the picture.  Needless to say you might be seeing a few of these posts in the future.

But today let's just look at some fun bookish things...

Book Love.  Aww!

Maybe not wearable but definitely adorable!

Someday I will be able to afford to pay someone to refinish my stairs to look just like these..

I think Shel needs this.  And I need the cuff with Captain Wentworth's letter (Persuasion)...

I want to do this.  The problem?  I would want to change the quotes daily.

Aren't these darling?  I will be learning make these ASAP.

And for a little laugh...

Hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as I enjoyed posting it. 

Share with us your favorite Pinterest finds.  And I would love it if you follow me on Pinterest.  I will follow back.  Find me under Natalie P.


  1. Hee. That Pinterest pic at the top of this post? So fabulous I found myself thinking, "I might just have to pin this post to share that." Then I saw all the rest of the images and this pretty much has to go up. Yep. I love everything about this post! :D

  2. Aww thanks! I am definitely a Pinterest junkie :-) I did successfully make the bookmarks. THink we will be adding them as a prize in our next giveaway.

    Thanks for stopping by!