Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meg-A Readers Blog Hop - Why I Love Meg Cabot

We are thrilled to be participating in the Meg-A Readers Blog Hop hosted by Mandy @ The Romance Bookie and Diana @ Little Miss Drama Queen.  When I first saw Meg's blog post about the Hop, I had to sign us up. 

My first Meg Cabot book was the first in the Boy Series, The Boy Next Door.

The book is told entirely in emails and notes - it is fascinating and I bugged all my friends to read it. 

The second in the series, Boy Meets Girl, was equally fantastic.

The last in the Boy Series, Every Boy's Got One takes a trip to Italy and made me want to vacation there so badly!

Since discovering The Boy Next Door, about 10 years ago (oh my, I feel old!), I have read nearly everything that Meg Cabot has written.  She ranks as one of my top five authors of all time.  Last spring, with the release of Abandon, Meg did a signing in my town, Naperville, Illinois (actually the signing actually took place Bel and my Alma Mater, North Central College) through the fabulous independent bookstore, Anderson's Bookshop.  This was before we started BiblioJunkies and I convinced Nat to join me at the signing (which also included Nat's girl-crush Maggie Stiefvater and Libba Bray). 

I fully anticipated that I would be all fan-girl when I met Meg, but luckily I held it together.  Meg Cabot is just as funny and charismatic in person as she is as an author.  Plus, she was super nice when she signed my copy of Size 12 is Not Fat! 

While the Boy Series will always hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to Meg, I believe my favorite of her adult books have to be the Heather Wells Series (Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, Big Boned and the much anticipated Size 12 & Ready to Rock).  I think my favorite of her young adult books is Avalon High - I just love the premise of a modern day Camelot complete with Arthur, Gwen, Lance, etc. 

I think what I love most about Meg's books (besides the humor and pop-culture references) is that Meg writes about strong and quirky women.  They may be a little neurotic and crazy, but their main commonality is always that they are rock-solid, strong and capable - from solving murders, to running countries to bringing forth King Arthur and now going toe-to-toe with Hades.  Meg's young adult and children's books (Allie Finkle) show young girls that it is ok to be just who you are, unapologetically.  Being a strong, quirky woman and the aunt of more than a couple girls, I find it comforting to know that there are authors writing characters I can happily recommend to my neices. 

For this and for the many, many hours of entertainment she has provided me, I am thankful to Meg Cabot. 


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  1. Great Post! Meg definitely is just as funny and charismatic in real life! She actually reminded me SOOO much of her characters! Hearing her give a speech honestly made it as if her characters were coming alive, just by her voice!

    Thank you for participating in Meg-A Readers! :)