Friday, June 22, 2012

Q & A with Tera Lynn Childs - TLC Week!

As we continue our week dedicated to Tera Lynn Childs and her fantastic books, we are happy to give you a little peek into the psyche of Tera as she answers random and nonsensical questions! 

I have enjoyed Tera's books for years.  Last year, shortly after we began the blog, Nat, Bel and I were lucky enough to meet Tera (with Sophie Jordan) at a signing held by a local bookstore.  I immediately became an even bigger fan because Tera is possibly the sweetest person alive.  Tera and the BiblioJunkies crossed paths again at this year's Romantic Times Convention where she tormented me with Sweet Shadows.  We were thrilled that Tera agreed to come out to the blog to play with us this week and if she didn't live across the country, we would totally invite her along for our next movie & pie adventure (I am sure it will shock you all to discover that our next movie & pie adventure will be for Magic Mike next weekend!)! 

So enough about us, I give you Tera Lynn Childs!

BiblioJunkies:  Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch?
TLC:  Fruit Loops (I like to keep the roof of my mouth intact, thank you very much)
BiblioJunkies:  It drives Shel nuts when people use the word literally to describe something figurative - what word or phrase do you think is over/incorrectly used and should never be used again? 
TLC:  It's not so much overused as just something I don't like reading. I hate the term "caused." As in, "The fierce wind caused her to fall over." How about, "The fierce wind knocked her over." Or "She fell over in the fierce wind." I'll even take, "The fierce wind made her fall over." It's just the caused that bugs me…
BiblioJunkies:  Your characters are all descendants from mythological beings with special abilities – From which mythological being would you most like to be descended?  And what special abilities would you most want?
TLC:  Well, I'm not supposed to play favorites… But I'm a research junkie—I'm obsessed with the History Channel, the Science Channel, the Discovery channel… you get the idea. I've always felt the most connection to Athena. I'd love to have her wisdom and, also, the ability to autoport. I love to travel, so I'd love to be able to visit anywhere in the world in a blink.
BiblioJunkies:  What is your favorite story in mythology?                                   
TLC:  Aaaah! There are so many to choose from. I've always loved the story of the golden apple, of Eris throwing it into the circle of goddesses and letting them duke it out over who is the fairest. And my other favorite would be the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. It's heartbreaking how he made the journey into Hades to retrieve her, but couldn't stop from checking over his shoulder to make sure she was there.
BiblioJunkies:  Do you read your own books?
TLC:  No, of course not. *looks shifty left and right* Oh, okay… sometimes. But not all the way through. I almost always read through the opening pages when I get the first real copy, and then the ending to make sure I did a good job.
BiblioJunkies:  We are big fans of pie (cupcakes and really any treats) here at BiblioJunkies HQ – what is your favorite treat?
TLC:  Vegan cupcakes! I love making them almost as much as I love eating them. *stares longingly at oven*
BiblioJunkies:  Who is your literary crush?
TLC:  Besides Colin Fir—I mean, Mr. Darcy? I am ridiculously in love with Simon Basset from Julia Quinn's The Duke and I. But my first literary crush was Logan from The Baby-sitter's Club series.
BiblioJunkies:  Action flick or comedy?
TLC:  Action flick! I'll take something blowing up or people planning to steal stuff or zombies eating peoples' faces off over a cutesy girl movie any day.
BiblioJunkies:  What summer movie are you most looking forward to?
TLC:  It's bad, right, that I had to go check IMDB to find out what the summer movies are? I've been in deadline/moving/getting ready for a summer of crazy mode so I have barely even been watching TV, let alone thinking about movies. (Anyone who knows me knows that there is something seriously wrong if I'm lacking TV time.) But, after a quick check, probably the ones I'd most like to go see in theatres would be Brave (I love anything Disney), Snow White and the Huntsman (um, Charlize Theron anyone?), and either the Bourne Legacy or Total Recall (gotta get my action in somewhere).
BiblioJunkies:  What 3 books would you want with you on a deserted island?
TLC:  Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games, and a survival manual.

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Tera for participating in our insanity this week and for donating her fabulous books and swag for giveaways.  I hope you all enjoyed our silliness and entered to win the  fabulous prizes.  Our winners will be chosen soon- so enter now!

Make sure you pick up your very own copies of Just for Fins (available on 7/3/12) and Sweet Shadows (available on 9/4/12) and remember, Tera's other books are available now, so you have plenty of time to catch up for the new releases!  You can visit for more information on what Tera has in store for us next. 


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