Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Turn Up the Heat by Kimberly Kincaid

"It's not you."
There are only so many times a girl can hear those words before she believes that it is, in fact, very much her. Unexpectedly jilted by her locally famous boyfriend and haunted by a boss who makes Attila the Hun look like a lap dog, Bellamy Blake does what any self-respecting girl in her shoes would do. She rounds up her two best girlfriends and makes plans to get the hell out of Dodge. . .
But Bellamy's escape plan takes a nose dive on the side of rural route 164 when her transmission self-destructs, leaving her in the middle of a cell phone dead zone with nothing but her wits. Oh, and Shane Griffin, the hottest mechanic who's ever checked under her hood.
Yet this small-town man isn't all he seems. Can Shane and Bellamy prove that sometimes the most unlikely ingredients make the most deliciously sexy mix?

Sometimes bad things lead to good finds.  Jill Shalvis had to cancel her appearance at the RT Convention this year.  Usually, what authors I will visit at the Kensington party are a given, Jill Shalvis and Jennifer Estep.  This year I was at a loss who to see in Jill's absence, so I was speaking to one of the Kensington publicists and she told me I should go talk to Kimberly Kincaid and I figured, what the hell.  I'm glad I did.  Turn Up the Heat was the perfect read while waiting for my next Jill Shalvis fix (yes, I admit I have a Shalvis addiction problem).  

Bellamy and Shane are pretty great.  They each have their issues, Bellamy is a kind of a pushover and Shane is attempting to escape the future he never wanted, but was forced upon him by his father.  Together they are an irresistible combo of sassy and romantic fun!  You cannot help rooting for their happy ending.  If you are a fan of a good rom-com, you should definitely read Turn Up the Heat.  

The second book in the series is also available now:

I will definitely be reading Jackson's story soon and so should you!  You can find out more about Kimberly and her books at www.kimberlykincaid.com.  


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