Friday, August 14, 2015

Make Me by Tessa Bailey


From Avon:

Construction worker Russell Hart has been head-over-work boots for Abby Sullivan since the moment he laid eyes on her.  But he knows a classy, uptown virgin like her could never be truly happy with a rough, blue-collar guy like him.  

If only she'd stop treating him like her personal hero- a role he craves more than oxygen - maybe he could accept it.  

With the future of her family's hedge fund on her shoulders, Abby barley has time to sleep, let alone find love.  And her best friend Russell acting like a sexy, overprotective hulk any time their Super Group goes out in public defnitely isn't helping her single status.  But after a near-tragedy lands Russell in her bed for the night, Abby's suddenly fantasizing about what he looks like shirtless.  Chest hair and tattoos - who knew?  

As Russell struggles to keep Abby at a safe distance, she begins to see through his tough-talking exterior - and acknowledge her own feelings.  Now she's ready to turn the friend-zone into foreplay... and make him lose control.

I love Tessa Bailey!  I loved Chase Me, the first in the Broke and Beautiful Series.  Need Me, book 2 was not my cup of tea - I can't do the student-teacher thing, not even at the college level.  Make Me was good, but still didn't get me as much as Chase Me.  I freaking love that book.  I didn't connect with Russell and Abby like I did Louis and Roxy.  

Russell is too overbearing and controlling for me.  He's also very down on himself, which was a turn-off.  On the plus side, he's hot and strong and I wouldn't mind watching him work at a construction site, without a shirt.  He clearly loves Abby, but doesn't think he's good enough. 

Abby is awkward and shy.  I like her more at the beginning of the book.  Later she let's Russell treat her pretty poorly.  While she eventually tells him to stuff it, she let him go too far, in my opinion.  She definitely needed to learn to stand up for herself, which I guess is the point.  

I enjoyed seeing more of Roxy and Louis.  I love the interaction between Louis, Russell and Ben (I'm all about the bromance!).  Louis is my fave of the guys, but for the girls, it's a pretty close tie between Roxy and Honey.  I'm going to miss them all!  

Make Me is curl-the-pages steamy and if you like your heroes dominant and controlling, this is your book.  I can't wait to see what Tessa Bailey has in store for us next!

~ Shel

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