Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Glove by Holly Black

by Holly Black


The start of Red Glove picks up with Cassel Sharpe and his mom a few months after the bombshell revelation about his childhood love, Lila.  In an attempt to distance him from that bombshell, Cassel decides to assist his mom on a few schemes, which was quite amusing. 

Now I know everyone has a crazy family relative or two but Cassel’s family takes the cake!  I just felt sorry for the guy that his mom is a total meddlesome, self-serving piece of work.  And his brothers!  For all their talk about how much family should look out for each other, there’s not much trust or shame that goes around for all the things they’ve done TO each other.

Cassel’s a unique character.  You’re not quite sure which end of the moral spectrum he’ll eventually end up but he definitely takes you on a tour.  There are times when he’s the underdog and you root for him and there times when you want him to get his head out of you know where.  

In reading White Cat there was such a thrill as to what was going to happen next.  The mystery gave me goosebumps.  In Red Glove I had none of that.  Instead, I felt sorry for Cassel and Lila because of the unfortunate world they were inheriting.   It depressed me to think that these kids were resigned to their fate simply because of whom they were born to.  I wanted them to revolt!

Don’t get me wrong.  This is a fantastic book and it’s amazing how Cassel’s mind works and how he puts all the puzzle pieces together.  Cassel’s at least honest with himself about his intentions, be they good or bad.  It’s still daunting to realize that these kids really haven’t been kids in a long time.  The only adult in his life that seems to have any genuine tenderness towards him is Cassel’s grandfather. I was grateful that there was a family figure in his life that didn’t want to use him for a job. 

Like I said, it’s a fantastic book that’s entertaining and disturbing all at once.  And despite all the negative in his world, you still end up rooting for Cassel either because he’s just that charming…or he’s marked you. 


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