Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Let me start off by saying that I too was a bit apprehensive about delving into the world of angels, devils and creatures in between.  Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, has set a pretty high bar for me by establishing well-written characters and story lines balanced with equal amounts of seriousness, drama, suspense, fantasy, teenage romance, action and humor.  So obviously in my eyes, Becca Fitzpatrick had her work cut out for her. I instantly fell for Hush, Hush within the first 5 pages and I was won over.  The main thing that stood out was the increasing sexual tension between the two main characters.  I tried starting another book in a different series after I was done but my mind kept wandering back to Patch and Nora.  So here I am with my take on their continuing saga ...

By Becca Fitzpatrick


We start off with Nora and Patch seemingly happy with their dating status.  But like all YA novels, one of them has to have a deep dark secret and must mysteriously change moods so the other one constantly questions, “Is it me?  Should I do something differently?  Why won’t he talk to me?”  Their relationship is in jeopardy.  And it looks like Patch may be making a play for Nora’s archenemy, Marcie – horror! 

Nora, heartbroken, proceeds to distance herself from Patch, even though he keeps showing up every time she tries to prove her independence from him.  And rightly so.  Nora keeps making the most stupid decisions ever!  I just want to shake her.  And while she’s busy making stupid decisions, the questions surrounding her father’s death becomes her side project when not secretly pining for Patch. 

Then there’s the new guy who shows up, Nora’s former childhood friend, Scott, another guy with a dark past.  Once again the author does a good job of keeping us guessing about which way he could go.  He’s gruff, abrasive and scum-like.  Vee continues to mark her presence as Nora’s BFF.  While she’s a tad bit obnoxious, I think we’d all like a friend like her to have our back no matter what.  Rixon, Patch’s closest friend, has more exposure in this book and brings some insight into the past. 

But the best thing about Crescendo continues to be Patch, Patch, Patch!  Our awesomely hot bad boy shows his complexities and fragileness and I can’t help falling for him even more.  He still has his stalker-like moments but surprisingly the scenes that had the most impact on me were the quiet ones when he just looks at Nora.  His mannerisms and body language had me swooning.  I wanted to push Nora aside and grab him myself.

Crescendo also introduces a few new players in the many mysteries surrounding Nora, including her father’s death, Patch and her genealogy.  And it all climaxes into one of the best endings I’ve read in a long time, which has left me breathlessly waiting for Silence...



  1. After reading Crescendo and falling even more in love with Patch, I am also awaiting breathlessly for Silence. *sigh* October is so far away :-(

  2. I have to be careful here. So many good books coming out this fall yet I don't want to wish this summer away too fast. Though Patch should keep us all nice and cozy :P