Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bel's Love Letter to Damon Salvatore

Dear Damon,

You are at the upper echelon of super snarky bad boys.  You should be.  You’ve had 100+ years to perfect your special brand of dry wit and humor.  I love everything about you but mostly because you’re played by this guy on TV. ----------------------------------------------- >    

Now I’ve read the first Vampire Diaries novel and I shamefully admit that you didn’t quite grab me in that one.  You were just so undead and unfunny.  Where was the Damon that I had grown to obsess over?  So I’m just going to have to talk about you as you’re portrayed on TV because let’s face it, HE as YOU is the entire reason to watch that show. 

Dam-Ian , every week I tune in eagerly to know what gem of a quote you’ll dish out that I can post on my Facebook page.  Three of my favorite quotes: 

“What’s so special about this Bella girl?”

“If I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a dollar at it.”

And the best one ever that had me at the edge of my seat and sent shivers through me:  

Clearly that demonstrated what a serious menace you can be!

I look forward to that intense gaze and the many eye rolls whenever someone says something particularly stupid or mushy.  You make Thursday nights the best thing on TV since any previous CW show that featured hotties plastered all over high school girls’ lockers.  Your "charming" ways have brought together mothers and daughters everywhere.  (Mothers mostly to reiterate how their darling daughters should never go out with the likes of you but they secretly crush on you anyway.)  Where Stefan and those other boys are constantly moody and whiny, you’re simply a loose cannon. I just sit back and enjoy watching it all unfold because you’ll be entertaining in the process.  What else could I ask for?

And now, I wait patiently for the new season to begin.  Dam-Ian, you have some competition there with Klaus in the picture now.  He’s just as dry-witted and snarky as you are and he has a way with the ladies himself.  But I’ll still be devoted to you because I’m nothing if not loyal to any of my favorite fictional characters in my imaginary world.  Just ask Nat and Shel.  Actually don't.  Just ask me.

So I’ll end this letter with a few lines from a song that I think expresses the way I and a lot of other ladies out there feel about you …

“You’re all I see, sink in to me.
Sharpen your teeth, sink into me.
Sink in to me.

I'd like to see our roles reversed,
to watch you hang on every word,
I'd like to see you have your way.

I keep my grammar well rehearsed,
correct each stutter, every slur,
come on and have you way with me."

"Sink Into Me" by Taking Back Sunday


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