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The Arrangement Blog Tour: The Seduction by Carly Phillips, The Chase by Lauren Hawkeye and The Arrangement: Miss Black by Krista Lakes

So, Carly Phillips, Krista Lakes and Lauren Hawkeye have written stories set in the world of H.M. Ward's The Arrangement.  Such a fascinating concept and I can't wait to read them all!  We are lucky enough to get a guest post from Carly Phillips.  So, let's giver her a big hello!!

Revenge is a Dish Best … Not Served – Or is it?
By Carly Phillips

Writing The Seduction was a challenge for me on another level – Revenge books usually aren’t my thing. I can’t quite get my head around a hero who would continue his quest for revenge once he’s met the heroine … and yet as I wrote this story, it just worked. Part of the reason revenge works in The Seduction is that Zach’s reasons are SO compelling. If you’ve read The Arrangement, you know that Sean Ferro’s actions cause a woman to have a mental breakdown … and I made my hero this woman’s brother.  This wasn’t revenge for money or power, the usual reason a romance hero or heroine wants revenge. Nor was it a lover scorned. This was a man who deeply loved his sibling, who felt he should have done more when she was in “trouble” before getting involved with a man with demons like Sean’s. And when he chooses the heroine as his target, it’s a last resort situation. She’s the only one he can find whose pain might hurt this man – who seems to feel little for anyone.

But how can he continue once he meets the heroine? Once he’s drawn to her? Once he is actually involved? Well that’s the interesting thing, isn’t it? And you’ll have to read to find how why Zach is still a sympathetic hero. I love my hard edged Zach and I hope you do too!

Do you like Revenge Romances? What are your thoughts?


Revenge is a dish best not served … 

Zach Anders swears to get revenge on Sean Ferro for hurting his sister. The best way to accomplish his goal? Hurt someone close to him in return. 

No one can get near Ferro’s on again - off again fiancée - so Zach sets his sights on the next best thing, the woman Sean considers family, the girl who grew up next door, Chloe Reynolds. The plan seems simple -- get close, find her weak spot, exploit it and walk away. 

Then Zach meets Chloe and he falls hard. And fast. How can he use her for revenge when he wants to keep her for himself?

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Find out more about Lauren Hawkeye’s THE CHASE and Krista Lakes’ THE ARRANGEMENT: MISS BLACK!

About Carly Phillips
N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips has written over 30 romance novels with contemporary characters and small town settings that today’s readers identify with and enjoy. She’s a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom to two daughters (16 and 20!) and two crazy dogs (a 1 year old Havanese named Brady and a 4 year old wheaten terrier named Bailey). In addition, she’s a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. Carly lives in Purchase, New York and would love for you to like and follow her on the ‘Net!

Thanks so much Carly!  


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