Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Undone: The Cast - A Guest Post by Shannon Richard

Today we welcome author Shannon Richard to the blog.  Being the movie lovers that we are, we are excited that Shannon is sharing her ideal cast if her brand new novel, Undone*, were made into a movie.  Keep reading for some truly fun and sexy casting that we support 110%.

*Undone is a Forever Yours Digital Original and releases today, July 2, 2013.  

Who I would cast in the Undone movie and why

Brendan King – Chris Evans
Why? Do I really need a why? That man is without a doubt one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. His muscles might’ve influenced me…a lot. He has some very impressive muscles. And he can do that cocky little grin thing that Brendan does so well. I’m also a fan of facial hair and Chris Evans with five o’clock shadow is perfection.

Paige Morrison – Camilla Luddington 
I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and this past season there was a new character in the line-up. It took a little time for intern Dr. Jo Wilson to grow on me, but her relationship with Alex Karev has been very interesting to watch this season. I think she’d be a good Paige, though she is a little short for the role.

Grace King – Aimee Teegarden or Carey Mulligan
So I might’ve had a small obsession with Friday Night Lights this past fall. Thank you Netflix for providing the entire series. Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) was one of me favorite characters on the show and she has some Grace like tendencies. I also think Carey Mulligan would be a pretty good fit. Though I’m exceptionally jealous of the fact that she’s married to Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons.

Jaxson (Jax) Anderson – Ryan Reynolds
Whenever people ask me what Jax looks like I always tell them he’s a redheaded Ryan Reynolds. For some reason this is very hard for them to picture, but he’s there clear as day in my mind. Jax is tall and very physically fit with all of those lovely muscles. He’s just on the leaner side and doesn’t have as much of the bulky muscle like Brendan or Shep.

Nathaniel (Shep) Shepherd – Chris Hemsworth
I know, I know Chris Hemsworth is blonde, and Shep is very much a brunette. So again, I’m going to have to ask people to take the actor and change the hair color. Though, Mr. Hemsworth does have dark hair in Snow White and the Huntsman so it isn’t like he hasn’t darkened his hair before. Shep is definitely the bad boy of the group, with ridiculously blue eyes that make you want to sigh, and tattoos galore. Oh and he has facial scruff that goes above and beyond five o’clock shadow. Have I mentioned that I like facial hair yet? Because I love it.

Bennett Hart – Stephen Amell
Okay, so I’ve cast Captain America, the Green Lantern, Thor, and now the lead from Arrow. Yeah, I might have a bit of a thing for superheroes. I see absolutely no problem with this. Bennett has this strong and silent thing going on, which I think that Mr. Amell pulls off in spades. Plus he’s got a killer smile.

Oliver King –Edward Herrmann
I loved him in Gilmore Girls and he just reminds me of a big teddy bear.

Lula Mae – Julie Walters
Come on, she plays Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter. I really don’t think this one needs more of an explanation. She’s just awesome.

Thank you, Shannon!  You had us at Chris Evans, sent us into a frenzy with Ryan Reynolds and made Bel swoon with Chris Hemsworth!

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