Monday, July 15, 2013

Tremble Playlist Presented By Jus Accardo & Giveaway

It's always fascinating to learn what that first inspirational spark for a story idea is. And it's easy for us readers to romanticize our favorite authors sitting at a desk, wired from their fifth cup of coffee, words pouring out of them faster than they can type. And for us it's always exciting to learn how music plays a huge part in the writing process.

Today we are thrilled to have Jus Accardo, author of the Denazen series, join us to share her music inspirations with us.

Music is a huge motivator for me. I can link all the memorable and life changing moments in my life back to a specific song. Writing is no different. The perfect tune can bring a scene or character to life. It can chase away writer's block and help set the tone.

Like Touch, the opening scene for Tremble came to me from a song. I'd written an entirely different first chapter, and wasn't happy with it, then boom! I heard Powerman 5000's Bombshell—which is exactly what Dez gets in those first few pages. A bombshell.

In Tremble, Kale goes through some serious changes, and he's dealing with a lot of anger. Cage the beast from Adelita's Way is perfect was get me in that frame of mind.

Dez is going through a lot in Tremble, too. Dido's Here with me is a good representation of her mind frame. She's determined, regardless of how impossible things seem.

And then, of course, you have to have a good conflict song. Shinedown's Enemies fits the bill (plus it's just such an awesome song!). Dez's enemies seem to be everywhere. 

Dez is a girl who is definitely not afraid to fly her freak flag. Halestorm's Freak like me is totally her. 

There's a scene at the end of the book—I can't really say anything about it without spoiling it—that is perfect for Adele's Someone like you

Then, of course, there are multiple songs that are just inspirational be it for characters, scenes, or the overall feel of a book. Avatar's Smells like a freakshow was playing in my head for multiple scenes. 

Puscifer's The Undertaker is another example. 

Without music I wouldn't get past the first sentence in a book. What about you guys? Is there a certain song that makes you think of your favorite fictional couple or scene?

You can find the full playlist for Tremble here!

Thank you Jus for spending time with us today and introducing us to some great new music. And now we have the perfect soundtrack to listen to as we read Tremble!

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